42. Wounded Healer

The Wounded Healer is a Jungian archetype

The central idea is that the therapist is not a sorted person. They are a wounded person. There is no goal to the work of a the wounded healer. But an ongoing awareness of the relationship to the healer’s own wounds which allows them to join the client’s world through the client’s own wounds.

Trainee therapists often think that their own wounds should be avoided or expunged so that they can work more effectively with thier clients. Counter intuitively it is the opposite. Actually acknowledging your own wounds gives us the capacity to be humble and appreciate the cleint’s difficulty and pain.

To be human is to be limited by our own wounds. Limitations are the beauty of life.
Take two cars. One car with less power you can drive to the maximum with a lot more fun. Another car so overpowered that you can only use half its power otherwise you would go off the road. 

Perhaps wounded would be a better description. In the word healer there is authority and expectations. Unhelpful in trying to join with the client on their journey. 

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