33. World in a Rush

World in a Rush. And it keeps speeding up. For what?
Technology is a big driver. The world on a click. Instant gratification. No wait. Speed is everything. As long as the news is first, its truthfulness second.

The rush inhabits every part of our lives. We tell ourselves that we are rushing to gain time. We need more time. We have so little of it. The more we rush- the less time we have – so the more we have to rush.

Parents rushing around trying to give their children the best life possible. More and more. No rest. No down time.
We have no time to think how we might be spending our time. Time is related to output. If time isn’t profitably spent then we have to fill so that it is. Our time cannot always be outcome based so we have less time. And so it goes.
In the Counselling/Therapy professions the same. IAPT employs 1000s of clinical psychologists in their 20s career ambitious rushing to gain well paid jobs. With no requirement for their own therapy.

This has spread to the Counselling/Therapy world itself. Minimum requirements for therapy just met. Least amount of practice in voluntary placements. Money spent on training and therapy as something that has to be paid back by earnings.

Again. Are we rushing to something or away from something? Counselling/Therapy is a craft where self awareness is everything. To stay out of the distressed person’s pain – to understand their pain not from our position but theirs.

If the rush of time rushes the slow and painful journey to self awareness – where will we all be?

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