16. Windrush

How can Windrush happen? The UK moved from unregulated mass immigration to a crackdown on immigration to Brexit. A hostile environment was created to meet unrealistic targets to reduce net immigration. One thing the prime  minister does is stick to a target.
How long has this being going on with it not becoming an issue? Has the Brexit vote neutralised any humanity the UK has towards its Commonwealth citizens?

Again it is a culmination of all these factors. What it demonstrates is that modern media prevents us from joining up the dots. The news being brief and sensational it never gives us a complete picture. We struggle to make a historical time line which leads to events unfolding with many influences.
It can appear that events erupt on the day, with little thought or reflection.

Blair is blamed for the opening of the UK borders. The Left opens and the Right closes?
Yet the impact on individuals lives of the Windrush Generation can never fully understood and appreciated.
Then maybe it is just racism. Institutional. Political. Governmental. Populace. Popular. Personal. Individual.

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