10. Good God’s Friday

Jesus was killed today on a trumped up charge to please the mob. Jesus did not respond to the allegations against him. No comment. They got him on blasphemy claiming to be the Son of God. Good Friday

Pontius Pilate the Roman governor didn’t want to sentence him, because he thought he was innocent. Pilate bounced him back to the Jews who said they weren’t allowed to sentence anyone to death.

So Jesus was passed onto King Herod who was in Jerusalem for Passover. He questioned Jesus who again didn’t reply. So he handed him back to Pilate. He announced Jesus’ innocence and to reiterate this washed his hands in absolution.

To save his job and appease the mob Pilate signed the crucifixion papers. In the last hours of his life 12-3pm the land went dark. His followers carried and laid Jesus out in a cave.
A story of innocence, guilt, expediency, blasphemy, & political threat to the state. A universal portrait of human behaviour across time. China and the Uighurs, Putin and Navalny, Angry Mob at Capitol Hill, Clapham Common Protest.

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