20. White World Under Threat?

The White World is shifting to the Right. Under the guise of shifting demographics. The white majority is under threat with a loss of power and dominance in Western democracies. Rather than siding with Liberalism they side with the Populist vote supporting their own power base.

A struggle between Liberalism and Illiberalism ensues. The argument is that White has to move Right to protect itself against the conspiracy of a rising non white minority. The deadly myth of the Great Replacement. Instead of a replacement it might be a drive to to a world of more anti liberal values.

But there is no evidence of anti white conspiracy. Except the fear that if you become a minority you will automatically lose power to the majority.

There is no evidence that more subtle forms of anti-white discrimination are on the rise. No minority has become the majority and created anti-white practices, as the white majority does. In fact reducing discrimination increases opportunitites for discriminated against whites. White people have always attacked other White people.

These political arguments can explain what is happening. But it is the emotion of Threat and Fear that dominate. Like water running down a hill. Fear seeks the shortest route. It doesn’t want understanding or reason. It wants to disapate through action.
In this case the action of Populism. Sharp, Short, & Direct.

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