1. Horrible 2020?

What about Horrible 2020?
If you have witnessed death, ongoing illness, or lost your employment. A traumatic year.
Or perhaps you have to work in the HNS/ Care industry at high risk of infection. Or the entertainment/travel sectors where audiences and tourists seem a long way off. 

The rest continue to work and earn a living abiding with the rules of lockdown to one degree or another. Before lock down living in an individualistic culture we were all trained up to be self reliant. With the spread of Covid our lives are now a little more dependent on the behaviour of others. 

Some rise to the occasion: others feel burdend and confined by it. Some feel that to be free and do what they like is an entitlement developed by time and capitalism. People are booking flights and holidays for May. Some going to friends and parties. To be distracted is a right that we have all learnt. We don’t have to be bored or unhappy. 

From this perspective lockdown becomes less of an opportunity and more of a chore or threat to mental health. Though we don’t like to think about it: we are still emotionally governed by the primitive brain. As were our forebears. 
For hundreds, thousands of years distraction was less available. What would our descendants say about our boredom today?

The opportunity to be with the self. Sit with self. Be more in tune with the slowness and deliberation of life cannot be tolerated. The lockdown world is like a steam boiler building up pressure waiting to be given the all clear. Like racing horses sandwiched in their starting gates ready for the off.

Financial statistics showing how much we and the economy are losing. How chidren are losing out on education unable to catch up. Everything to firghten the population into distractions.

The Uk is taking off its track suit. Ready to kneel down into the running blocks. Ready for the starting gun. And then….?

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