13. Funeral of the Decade

The death of the Duke of Edinburgh precipitated massive media coverage. And the highest number of complaints about the amount of media coverage it received.

Then the State Funeral. What the British do best? Apparently the Duke wanted no fuss. To some the Royal Family is very British and reflects our tradition and history. To others anachronistic, feudal, lacking modernity.

It seems the Royals personify something that is lost. A Whiteness, a Britishness, a sense of honesty and duty. Even though this is undermined by the behaviour of some Royals the older Royals still hold this perception, and way of life.

Whiteness is under scrutiny. The antedote is to hang onto the history where the perception was everything was more of a mono culture? For some A loss. A bereavement. Something to harken back to, to be revered. A Brexit Expression of anger and a wish to return to a Past of Rule Britannia.

The rise and decline of Nation States, Cultures, Peoples particularly with a loss of Power is challenging. The decline of power is painful and frightening. Depending on your perception it can be seen as an opportunity or a threat.

This point in the 21st Century is a period of transition. As all times are transitional. But maybe more at this point in time. Or do we all think we are in an important period of transition? We appear to be running out of road. The destruction of the Planet, the Pandemic, and Democracy means that we cannot carry on as we are.

But then what do we do? Do we want to be told? A Cure? A Magic Pill? We all have uncertainty? But what now?

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