15. Weird Therapists?

Like many professions when you witness a group together they take on powerful characteristics. 
Therapists are similar – perhaps like artists, musicians, authors the world is seen as fluid, full of colour, shapes, impressions. Led by the irrational, feelings, & connections. A celebration of the unknown remaining unknown. Humans dwarfed by the natural, metaphysical, space, infinity.

In the digital world of 2024 no space no time. Everything on the quick click. Scroll, short cut. Easy balm. Everything has to be evidenced and known. Calibrated for efficiency and consumption. Led by the rational, facts, & outcomes. We all benefit from this world: but pros and cons.

With therapists the pleasure of speaking to another about the essence of the self. Defenses recognised identitfied unresolved: but sometimes able to navigate around. To speak freely to others about ourselves is a rare priviledge. But more or less possible with colleagues and strangers?

The real world is not like this. How do you relate to the world with a sensibility that doesn’t fit? The human dilemma of how to relate the personal to the social. Do you stick to your version of the world and bear the clash? Do you relate to the world strictly through your own vision? Authentic Integrity. Strange weird?

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