25. A Wedding

A WeddingAdrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.uk
Weddings – social control or public declaration of love and trust?
The popularity of weddings waxes and wanes with the state of the economy. In the boom years weddings are affordable. In recession they become expensive! In these secular times the UK population is drifting away from organised religion and the church. As a counterweight parts of the world are prepared to kill and die in the name of religious fanaticism.

Whatever your view – the event of going to a wedding of family member or close friends dissolves any cynicism. Going to a wedding – people are happy, ready to celebrate a union between two people. This public declaration of love is so open-hearted and pure. The wedding party gets swept up in a positive upswing of good feelings and wishes towards the about to be married couple.

Whatever the formal signing of the contract involves: the wedding party usually ends up sitting down to eat together. Everyone in the group has one aim: to celebrate the union of the couple. People love groups with a single unifying aim. It brings people together. People sit together with friends and family. Once the crowd has had something to eat or drink people start speaking to strangers at other tables. They are welcomed as another witness to the celebration of the union.
Then there’s the sight of grown men and women dancing late into the evening.
Congratulations Simon and Cayte. Love to you both.

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