20. Wedding

The allure of the wedding still holds. The ceremony to wed husband and wife, wife and husband.
Yet the statistics show that Europeans are less and less interested in the sanctity of marriage. Yet the immediate simplicity of falling in love with someone who you love in the moment and want to extend that love to a life time remains iconic. Unrealistic and naive perhaps but all the same full of hope and optimism.

But a royal wedding is something else. The glorious weather untypical. Giving the tourist and anglophile the world over another reason to romanticise an Olde Ye England. Kings and Queens, Green Meadows, Country Cottages all wrapped up in the biscuit tin of a Culture of Manners, Law and Order and Fair Play. And Brexit.

With an American mixed race Bride, and the history of the groom and his mother. An energetic sermon focused on human rights. The suggestion of modernity enters into the Royal Wedding. Finally the Royals catching up with the 21st Century.

But the Royals are clever. They bend and twist to flex into something they cannot be. As Head of State itself an anochronism the Royals must always be trailing modernity: following careers in the Forces, and heading up the State Religion Apparatus.

The allure of Le Football still holds. The sport creates an obsessive fascination for large parts of the population. A game won by a foul. The owner of the winning team unable to enter the country. Unsporting and corrupt. The sport shows itself to be Powerful, Rich, and Royal. The administration of Football theatens to modernise. But never does. 

The FA Cup Final on the same day as the Royal Wedding could not be moved. The Population would have been forced to choose. Royalty or Football?
Two parts of English Culture colliding on the one day.

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