6. V Flowers Olympic Trailblazer

The Bobsleigh event is unusual in that it attracts athletes from other sporting disciplines. Vonetta Flowers was a sprinter and long jumper who switched to the Bobsleigh event and won a Winter Olympic
Gold medal in Salt Lake City in 2002.
The first woman team to win the event for the first time since 1932, when the Olympic bobsleigh organisers added a new event, the first ever women’s Bobsleigh competition.

As ever success is bred out of desire overcoming adversity. She failed several times to make the US Olympic track event teams. Undeterred she switch disciplines. Teaming up with experienced Bobsleigh driver Jill Bakken they were outsiders not seen as having a chance for medals let alone gold.

She became the first African American and the first black athlete from any country to win a gold medal at
a Winter Olympics.

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