11. Virus

2020 will be remembered for the spread of Coronavirus.
Crisis provokes learning. Ordinary times provoke avoidance and denial: not learning.
In the crisis of Brexit we learnt what we already knew but didn’t want to admit. A deeply divided nation with an  ever growing gap between rich and poor. Right and left giving us values so deep that neither can agree. But also an understanding that a whole section of the population is oppressed by the cruelty of global markets, and a perceived threatened way of life.

This virus has its reality. We don’t know much about it yet. Time lines of contagion or how it spreads. It will kill many vulnerable people. It has already illuminated totalitarian states denial of the start of the virus. Populist capitalist economies slow to put in place strategies. Putting self interest, stocks & shares above the weak and vulnerable. Underfunded health services yet to prove how unprepared they are. Tightly controlled governments exposed to be unable to control the uncontrollable.

The suffering and pain of families and friends losing loved ones before their time. Nothing can compare.

Yet it is our technological arrogance that we think we are immune from nature and history. Shakespeare’s life was dominated by plague. His fellow actors family and friends died. He wrote in self isolation. Plagues are a part of nature and history. They’ve always happened.
Irony that a cure for AIDS is being approved this month.

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