2. Death Row Little Girl

Does a tortured abused child exonerate an adult murderer? Brought up in a constant state of fear and terror. Abused sexually, emotionally & physically. Raped by parents’ friends and workmen who could not be paid for house repairs. Unprotected at the mercy of adult cruelty and violence.
The abused part of the psyche to survive splits off. It cannot be integrated into the everyday person. But it is still in there. Building and building. Until at the point of release it expels all the anger and hatred. Into a murderous act.

We all work like this. Hopefully less so. Yet enough in an ordinary life to self sabotage & damage/hurt and reject others around us. A stereotype which holds some weight is that men aggress outwardly. Women inwardly. Pressure builds over years of abuse: with no social allowance to release the pressure.

This was the life of Lisa Montgomery the first woman to be executed in the US for 70 years. The crimes of women unsettle populations more than the crimes of men. Men are expected to be the violent physically powerful ones. Women are the carers and nurturers.

This unconscious view of the sexes is deeply innate within us all. At a primitive level it is how we survive. Men hunt, women look after children by the fire. The breaking of this subliminal value is taboo. Little humanity is shown to women in everyday patriarchy. Women who maim and murder even less.
This was Lisa’s life. No mercy.

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