25. US Dark Right

In this book the author records coming across a conspiracy of the rich (US Dark Right) to suppress democracy to enlarge their own wealth. She writes of a stealth plan of the Radical Right which was previously invisible. She describes a hidden programme to disable democracy. US Dark Right

James McGill Buchanan an economist quietly pushed his agenda of no government. No education, no public health care, or public housing. This was picked up on by the rich who funded a programme that any institution is an agent of oppression, forcing men of wealth to support the undeserving masses.

Buchanan was supported by wealthy business to develop his public choice theory. One of its tenants was the lack of incentive for the voter to vote or know how they are going to vote. The voter is ignorant of political information, has no influence on the result. So being politically knowledgeable is not worthwhile.

As an aside Buchanan was awarded a Nobel Prize for Economics in 1986! To save Capitalism from Democracy? This puts into doubt the reputation and validity of the Nobel Prize. Ex-President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Buchanan was the arbiter of stealth: never reveal your outcome. Bankrolled by billionaires like Charles Koch -academic faculties began to look like right wing think tanks. Slowly but surely they began to change the rules. Funding campaigns against public health systems by stating that radical reform is needed to save it . When in fact the aim is to destroy it. They infiltrated the Republican Party, and now the world has billionaire Trump.

Was Buchanan right? Is there a conflict between economic freedom and political liberty? Nobody would vote for freedom for billionaires so it has to be covert. Is Buchanan’s programme a prescription for totalitarian capitalism?
It seems the programme is coming to fruition.
US Dark Right

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