43. Urban Loneliness

Without the din and chaos of city life creates a more appropriate backdrop to urban loneliness.
Loneliness is a constant ache of wanting a connection with others. Solitude is a more peaceful inert state. The emptiness of lockdown cities illustrates the evidence of community without people.

Melanie Klein described loneliness as a human attempt to reach an unattainable state of comfort and wholeness. Internal parts of us that we cannot reach are projected onto others. So the task becomes to connect to others to heal, rather than looking inside ourselves. 

On its own this theory diminshes our own humanity of wanting a connection to others. To be fair Klein was referring to depressed and anxious patients. But the point is that if we are more aligned with ourselves others would feel more like aligning to us.

Depending on how it is used the City confirms this. Looking for an external distraction in a busy city is a perfect foil for keeping our demons at bay. But never actually succeeding.
This struggle is human life. 

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