22. Union Decline

Union Decline is one of the side effects of our market economy. It is not the fault of the unions. Unions are trying to  adapt to support workers against poor work conditions. The digital economy where work is divided into timed minute bites of employment with no holiday or sick pay. The unions are in a David and Goliath struggle. Unions are the only bulwark against a work slavery peddled by multi national, world dominating organisations.

Perhaps not so simple. The rise and rise of indivdualism has had an impact. Financial institutions, companies, and firms used to be owned by boards of businessmen. Rather than one businessman now. This individualism further encouraged by Thatcherism is now the only way of working that the majority of the workforce has experienced. Dumbed down and brainwashed by fear not to think the workforce has no alternative. Forced to accept that work is insecure, temporary, contracted, with no increase in pay. This has become the norm.

The workforce is not politicised at the moment. Frightened and cowed into submission. The workforce is in constant fear of the gutter. Stories of more and more people using food banks are in the news. The perception is that we are all now more susceptible to poverty.

Yet the UK has a troubled history with Unions. Run by champagne socialists. Perceived as whoever has the power makes a grab for the cash. British Leyland and the Miners Strike being two famous examples.
But in the present form of Neo Liberal Democracy are Unions are the only way of fighting back?
Union Decline

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