23. Unconscious Brexit

In this video documentary in the labour stronghold of Sunderland, it describes a place with no Referendum campaign for Remain and no Labour Party office. It has a large concentration of Leave voters who voted becauseUnconscious Brexit their lives couldn’t get any worse. There was no hope in voting Brexit. They just wanted change. Unconscious Brexit

The Leave campaign targeted the unconscious. The phrase “take back control” was a master stroke of. It captures the underlying feeling of inadequacy & low self esteem and promises to get rid of it. The underclass ridiculed and mocked by the South were looking for to give a bloody nose, and they gave one. Nobody wants to admit to being perceived as inadequate. It’s buried. But the Leave campaign recognised this, and played on it.

Unconsciously the attraction of Brexit was the self harm it could do. If there is no hope in peoples’ lives then a campaign promising no hope seems attractive. At some deep level familiarity resonates more than health or what is best for us. This is borne out by the Trump campaign in the US. “The Case Deaton effect” shows that rising death rates in white working classes correlates to areas with the greatest support for Trump.

The Referendum campaign was dominated by men. Men taught not to show weakness or uncertainty. Hesitation or pause for thought is not an option. Men unaware and taught by the private education sector to avoid their own unconscious: ie what actually motivates them. It is all a false front. A game. Attention seeking, ambitious, until the male politicians get the result they wanted.
Then unable to deliver – they drop out. Caught out by their own unconscious desires making up for the lack of attention they never had as little boys. They realise its gone too far. They are adults now. And there is a big cost to the acting out of their unconscious desires. Unconscious Brexit.

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