18. UK Turmoil

The UK is in turmoil? For most turmoil upsets people, populations, & relationships.
Whatever our distressed turmoil state – we live in the age of resolution. A world of no pain. A world where we are so in control that we can alleviate our pain.

So a world in turmoil feels threatening. Out of control, with no impact we feel the turmoil. We feel the pain, relentless, and unable to do anything about it. We are fragile.

Yet we are not mad. The outer world turmoil matches the inner world turmoil. A reaction to a real situation. Real turmoil caused by a world in turmoil. A natural human reaction. We are dumbed down by the values of the time to expect more certainty and control than is possible.

We long for order & structure. But the old becomes stagnant, corrupt and not suitable for us. The new has to be created out of the old. It is never an easy or quiet transition. But out of the turmoil can come the new. Same as the old? There is no choice. Change creates turmoil. To be human is to be fragile.

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