34. Trumpism

The man might be on his way out but the politics of Trumpism survives and thrives.   
And what might be learnt? Not a lot says history.
Power not only corrupts but it supresses and excludes those who don’t believe or qualify in the power of the moment.

Like the UK, the US has opened its arms to globalisation, profit, & greed. The rich are a lot richer and the rest a lot poorer. In both countries this has left the Rust Belt in the US, and the North of England in the UK workless, and hopeless.

In the rush to keep votes of the urban educated – political parties gave up on them. Unrepresented, with a culture and life style changing with immigration, and industries destroyed under golbalisation. The perfect recipe for populism repeats over and over.

The ingredients seem to be: an angry disenfranchised & excluded part of the population. Unable to profit from the staus quo. Not represented any political party. Helpless and hopeless. Simmering with resentment and rage. 
Along comes a character politician with an ego, and a yearning for power not caring how. Usually with a deep mistrust of the law, status quo and some sort of outsider. Promising a time in the past when the country was great and their part of the population had jobs, communities and thrived. 

This mix in humans creates a desperate rage wanting an outlet. The populist has only to promise, or pretend to represent thier best interests. The follow through doesn’t have to happen. The desperation is appeased by the promise. Job done. Even if it causes pain. Like self harm as pain relief. The outlet was worth it.
The nature of power is that it has to exclude. Beware the excluded. 

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