40. Trumped

The US Election has created pages of text and will carry on doing so for many weeks.   Trumped
What can be said about Clinton being Trumped that has not already been said?
Firstly the legacy of chancer politicians is not new. From expenses claimed for duck houses to Boris looking afraid at the result he wanted but never thought he would get.Or Farage resigning 3 times from UKIP.

Playing to the crowds, short term, devisive. Serving self not others. Appealing to the lowest common denominator. chancersThe chancer politician has nothing to lose. He is not interested in politics but his ( and it is usually is a He) own popularity and standing. He plays a dangerous game appealing to the poor, deprived, the outsider who also have nothing to lose. In both Brexit and the US Election the establishment ignored what was going on. It created a myth that sections of society were unreasonable, racist, and not deserving. Unwittingly the establishment created chances for the chancers.

It is no irony that all the perpetrators of these political actions are part of the establishment. Wealthy, connected, & looking for a fight. What makes them take the side of the underdog? Boredom, or just wanting a laugh? It is hobby politics. To be picked up and put down for sport. Why does the underdog choose an establishment figure? The chancer has many disguises. The chancer might also feel like an outsider. The establishment is a club with rooms out of bounds even for its own members.

Secondly that we all live in silos. Other people who do not fit our own value systems are dismissed and ridiculed. The liberal elite jeered and sneered at the Brexit voter. They have no rights to a different opinion. It seems it is easier to uphold the rights of Palestine, or support climate change. The Brexit voter is too close to us, too near. Working in silos means people who work together, do not speak or communicate with each other. Silo UK.

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