32. Trump Says

President Trump doesn’t want to directly condemn White Racists for the violence in Charlottesville. Trump says the violence was from both sides. Trump says he was waiting for the facts of the situation to be determined before commenting. Is he afraid of upsetting one of his voter bases?
There has been a long history of white Americans being intolerant of outsiders. This is an understatement. The history of the US is based on conflict between cultures & races. The American man owning his land and be prepared to fight for his family is a big part of the American psyche.

Paranoia, Conspiracy theory all add to the mix: the White American is under threat, and they have to arm themselves accordingly. We have our own version of this in the Brexit vote. Mainly white people feeling overwhelmed and disenfranchised by other races and cultures.

What Trump says seems to be said without understanding context. There is no connection between his comments and the wider understanding of race and its history. In this mind set the wider context is not seen. A lack of imagination? Concrete thinking versus abstract thinking? Pragmatism? Short term versus long term. Educated versus Less Educated? Practical versus intellectual?
Whatever this is – it is a fault line the world over. Is the difference between these two world views feeling under attack or not?

Is one world view more intrinsically valid than the other? How can both views live side by side in the same world?
Are we learning that these two world views struggle to have power over one another?
And now we are entering an era where the power of the disenfranchised is gaining power over the intellectual?


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