10. Trump Chrissie Hynde

Trump is a champion for forgotten millions. But everyone else doesn’t understand. Trump supporters voted for the rough diamond who is not seen as part of the Liberal Elite. Except the Liberal movement either forgot or chose to Trump Chrissie Hyndeignore the plight of the Mid West of the US. Obama was voted in on the hope that he would stand up for the have nots, and the left behinds. Hilary was voted out on the back of being perceived as elitist and corrupt. Trump for years has played both sides of the political divide supporting Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

This divide of opinion acrossd the US and Europe has been going on for years. The urban centres have thrived in property and finance while the suburbs and countryside’s traditonal industries have become a wasteland.
The city in the Mid West of America given as an example in the Trump is a champion artcile is Akron. Its old industry of tyre making has long been exported abroad. Its population is in decline and it has a heroin problem to numb the hopelessness and despair. Heroin cut with poison killed hundreds of Akron’s inhabitants.

Trump is standing up for the city of Akron also where Chrissie Hynde, rock chick and lead singer of the Pretenders lived as a child. In this mournful bbc documentary Chrissie goes back to the Akron suburbs where she was brought up. She walks through woods near the house where she lived, in a wistful mood telling how she loved nature and found peace there. Akron must have been thriving when she was young. Though for the young old industrial centres were places to run from. Claustrophoibc and with no other employment, Chrissie escaped to New York and London. Ironically both Pretenders guitarist James Honeyman-Scott, and bassist Pete Farndon died of heroin.
Divides are not what they seem. We are all connected.

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