19. Triggered

In the social media age words become more than their meaning. Triggered is one of these words.
It seems to mean one someone else doing or saying something setting off a chain of emotions inside us.
Depending on the user this gets expanded into either the responsibility of the trigger or the triggered.

At worst we can feel victimised by our triggers. But if the study of ourselves is an art then our triggers are an opportunity & guide to see ourselves through painting with depth & colour. The shape and colour of ourselves is constantly changing. Shape shifting. Some triggers become better known with repetition. Some noticed, familiar but not thought about. Others remain unknown.

In our minds we can create crime scenes from triggers. We will never prove or know what happened. But we can imagine scenarios leading upto the crime scene. We can update or alter these scenarios through resonating, familiarity, coolness or warmth. Like a jigsaw puzzle piece – turning it playfully to see where it might fit.

Triggers expose our traumas in the trigger light. Trauma is what shapes us: creating our uniqueness: quirkes, complexities. Never to be known by ourselves or others. To celebrate what is not provable or known takes skill and courage. Our fear would thwart us in this task.

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