14. Transference Village

We all have a Transference Village. Some of these villagers who live there are nice others not so nice. There might be a wide variation of characters in them, happy, sad, cruel, frightened, or frightening. But what they all have in common is that they all feel familiar and safe to us.
In our daily lives we come across these characters. We are drawn to them through their familiarity. Most of us do not recognise them until we see with openess the repetitive characters and stories that play out in our lives.

Typically we walk into Transference Village traps: we find ourselves unknowingly drawn into familiar scenarios, with familiar people, and then be frightened by the definition of safety our Transference Village has.

These Transference Village villagers were born in our minds in our early preverbal life. Depending on how that went determines the characters and environment of the village. If we have a traumatic start to life which many of us do: the village is more problematic. But the transference doesn’t care. However dark the village characters & environment is – we feel it is familiar and safe.

So if we have an unsafe Transference Village which feels familiar and safe: this can lead to a stressful life. Being open to what is familiar might give us a clue of how the past from the Transfence Village plays out in the present.

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