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The cosmetics industry is now marketing a cream for women to combat tired skin. This has been going for a while and is being advertised now on the TV. The marketing of the lack of sleep by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries is big business with the US in the lead.

The increasing number of older people is a huge population suffering from sleep problems. Selling drugs to alleviate sleep problems is big business. Expect more marketing of sleep products.
One of the central points of the market is it is able to produce an immediate solution to a problem. The problem is complex, with all sorts of influences, biological, physiological and psychological. The quick fix bypasses this complexity and short cuts to a solution.

Take depression. If you are depressed you can go to your GP and get anti-depressants.
In some cases this is a good quick short term solution. But the problem is that the quick fix never actually tackles the central issue. The depressed person can avoid their problems. The quick fix pill alleviates the symptoms but not the origins or the source of the problem. Same with sleep. What stops someone sleeping? Lack of Exercise? Worry? Stress? Drugs? Drink? None of this is addressed by the quick fix. It remains dormant but ruthlessly giving energy to the symptoms which affects the persons’ life.

The market encourages the quick fix because it creates profit.
The slow fix which actually addresses the problem is more expensive, not easily packaged, and gives less profit.

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