40. Tidy Bedrooms

Conservatives have tidy bedrooms with laundry baskets. Liberals have world music cds and books on travel. Like Mud Rooms

Is there a link between personality and political leanings? Apparently openess is the biggest indicator. More openess to new experiences means you are more liberal. Concientiousness and order mean you are more conservative.

People migrate towards each others characteristics: particularly minorities. Urban environments being more accepting of difference. Londoners are more liberal and open: but less agreeable and concientious but more neurotic. Humans are attracted by similarity. People live in clusters.

People who voted for Brexit came from less open areas of the country. Perhaps there is a reason for people being less open: Border areas historically under threat, or areas where natural diseases or disasters occured. Being less open and you might survive.

If you forget that everything has to be proved: it seems common sense that there is a relationship between politics and personality. What is the surprise? Is the empirical world so rigid that nothing can be guessed or suggested?
Politics are values: and values are personal. What’s the big deal?
Tidy Bedrooms 

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