14. Threat Anxiety

These times of stress and threat of the unknown mixed in with a dose of death create understandable anxiety. Industrial nations are not good at dealing with anxiety. Avoidance of anxiety is key in the West.

Keep stressed to avoid anxiety which makes us more stressed!
We produce, create, at any cost do – to control the anxiety. Threat Anxiety

Control is a big capitalist seduction. To be brought up in a culture of control, subliminally creates in us the deceit that control is possible. Control of work, money, death, family, children, and what we put into our bodies.

As humans we might be happier believing that control is not possible all the time. Control is at times futile. But to give it up feels counter intuitive.

To cope with anxiety our primitive brain goes into fight, flight, or freeze mode. The West has frozen in reaction to Climate Change and the present pandemic. If it is far enough away: it doesn’t count and will not affect us. Suddenly its here and panic kicks in. Less anxiety (far away) too much anxiety (its here).
That is the way we like it here. Avoid avoid avoid – then oh sh*t.

Being with anxiety is more tricky. It sounds stupid – why would you want to be with your anxiety? It’s uncomfortable and makes us feel bad. The advantage of sitting with and meditating anxiety is that we get to know our own personal brand of it. Being with anxiety reduces the anxiety energy making it feel  more comfortable. This in turn allows us not to react with anxiety and make better decisions.

To be at the mercy of our anxiety/fears and prejudices is difficult.
But they are real. More real than pretending they are not there.

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