8. Fairytale Prince & Duchess

The news is full of the interview and its impact on the Royal Household.
Whatever the view – the reality is superseded by the Fairytale.

If you want to really know someone ask them what they wish for. What they dream about. What is their Fairytale. And how was it formed and by who. The interest of psychotherapy.

Our dreams and fairytales are made early on, and then pushed down out of sight when reality hits, and has to be engaged with. Whatever the age, gender ethnicity the fairytale of love and romance reigns supreme. For most of us it is how we were made.

For Jung the Fairytale was the simplest form of those deep repressed wishes. Fairytales showing us repeating stories of archetypes playing out roles. Showing us what we might happen to us in our own lives.

The Fairytale was not a Fable or parable but a tale of magic, supernatural lands full of elves, & witches. Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, the Frog Prince to name a few.

The Cult of Celebrity is a Fairytale doomed to a flawed human reality. Projection, Hope, Ecstacy, Excitement, Failure, Loss, and onto the next Projection Fairytale.

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