29. The Doll Test

The Doll Test is an experiment to show how attitudes to race are already set in young children.
Imagine a sponge sitting in a centimetre of vinegar. Nobody would be surprised that the sponge soaks up the vinegar.

The primitive brain is a sponge. It develops through what is seen, and felt: not what is instructed or told. So when it comes to race huge hidden symbols embedded in culture and language influence the primitive brain.

White wedding, pure as driven snow, white priviledge. Political Correctness notices the language used to describe social politics. People complain that nothing can be said or joked about. But it is not the word but the association to the word that is crucial. Some associations we share with others are deeply personal to us. And the feelings associated with the words shape us as people. 

So racism is a bias we are fed from early years. If we have the skill to notice – prejudice is in everything. Parents, family, media, culture, politics are biased. To notice the frame or environment we live in makes sense of what we bias. To see our bias is to understand our prejudice. Then we can acknowledge and lessen our prejudice’s impact on our behaviour. 

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