17. That Guy!

J.T Walsh is a fine example of the supporting actor. That Guy!
Actors who never upstage the main characters but add a subtle depth to the performance with
skill and panache. That Guy! drives you mad. You have the image of their face in your head but cannot remember their name.

Supporting actors, sometimes called character actors can fold and morph themselves into many types of role. They are not branded or used to sell a film. So they remain unrecognisable able to play a wider variety of roles. They can enable the main character to have a poor performance without affecting the film.

Sometimes they can even steal the film. Not by upstaging or a big part. But by being influential to the film’s premise. Tommy Lee Jones in the Fugitive, and Joe Pesci in Goodfellas are good examples.
In the Fugitive the world weary cop whose flagging energy creates more sympathy for him and Harrison Ford the supposed criminal. The over charged, comedic, trigger happy character in the Goodfellas. Lots of manic psychopathic behaviour who everyone has to clean up after. A charasmatic rogue who the guys love.
Blink and you’ll miss them!

That Guy!

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