3. Tatzpitaniyot

The Tatzpitaniyot are the eyes & the ears of the Israeli army on the border with Gaza. Women soldiers of low rank: their job involves studying footage to detect different behaviours, & habits of the local population. They reported different movements, behaviour and predicted that Hamas were organising some sort of attack. They were ignored.

In human behaviour we often think of the message or the messenger. It is an easier focus. Yet as the Israeli army reailsed –  it had fixed Hamas and its threat in a previous time. Hamas was seen as beaten: more politically pragmatic and not capable of pulling off such an organised attack.

In families, adult relationships, friendship groups, & places we assess at our first impression. It takes effort to update, and change our outlook of people and places. Where we first move to: that is our yardstick. After that our impression wishes it would stay as it was in the first place. Adults are seen by families as children with child traits.
Friendships do not like change of roles: and expect you to remain in role like listener, initiator, or peacemaker.

And so it goes. Older workers despair at the younger workers giving up on their ways & principles of their work life. What is an end to older workers is the beginning for new workers. The welfare state fondly remembered by older generations, now more stripped down: becomes the norm for newer generations. In the future there maybe be little NHS for example but newer generations will think nothing of this. THe NHS will not be a part of the start of their experience.

A knowledge of our narratives and how we are biased (brainwashed) is illuminating. What are our judgements and how are they fixed? How do we categorise, & freeze our opinions? To recalibrate is useful if we are not to get stuck in an outdated past time. It can deny us the changing present and future.

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