23. Sweetmeats

Lockdown is easing. And what of the sweetmeats?
For some no difference Lockdown was ignored.
For others a relief to returning toFake News Diary something of a normal Saturday night and meeting friends & getting drunk. For others Lockdown remains. Scared and unsure about a second wave.
Whatever the relationship to lockdown it brings out the relationship we have to ourselves, and those around us. To tolerate home life some are denied the time and space they need. Others find themselves alone, happy, sad, tolerant, intolerant of themselves.Introvert or extrovert. People give energy or take energy away. More pressure: job insecurity, poverty on top of poverty. Less pressure furloughed more time for self and family. Whatever the relationship 
rumbling deep in the background is how the world is going to recover from this pandemic.The existential threat of Covid19 casts a long shadow. Cynics say humans cannot tolerate change and life will return to normal. But has our inner world changed? Has life become more important or less? Have our priorities changed? When everything stops does starting up mean the same?

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