I am a BACP Accredited Supervisor for Individuals and Groups.
Counselling Supervision is an essential part of any counsellor’s practice.

I charge £40-£65 per clinical hour for individual supervision for trainees, and recently qualified counsellors / therapists.
£45-70 for qualified established counsellors / therapists.

Supervision clinical to one supervision support can help you to develop your practice, and discover where you strengths and weaknesses are. You can explore the issues you have with working with your clients, in a safe environment which is more private than in a group.

Group supervision can be helpful in supporting you with the help of your colleagues. Working in a group of up to 4 counsellors can help you learn from your colleagues about other approaches and ways of working.

I work to the BACP Code of Ethics.
How much supervision do I need?
The Ethical Framework specifies:”There is a general obligation for all counsellors, psychotherapists, supervisors and trainers to receive supervision/consultative support independently of any managerial relationships”.
The following requirements apply to BACP accredited course placements and are regarded by BACP as best practice for all student counsellors/psychotherapists in training.
1 hour of supervision for every 8 hours of client work.
not less than an overall minimum of 1.5 hours per month.
delivered not less than fortnightly.
A mix of individual and group supervision is recommended.

Supervision is to help you in your clinical work. This can range from talking about specific client work, or ethical dilemmas, and issues you might be having with your client work.
You might be looking for supervision to help through the Counsellor and Supervisor Accreditation process.
Sometimes managers come and talk about the stress they are under, and how best to cope with it. Identifying triggers and patterns of your own behaviour can help you deal with stress more effectively.
Look at the other pages in this site under supervision.
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