33. Super Rich

The super rich have been living it up for 2000 years  and have not changed much.
Apparently the super rich all want to live in the UK.The stability and rule of law make it very appealing for people Adrian Scott North London Counsellor Blog      www.counsellingme.co.ukwho have lots of money. Billionaires can live here with all the facilities of an industrial nation paying little or no taxes, while their money is stored in tax havens around the globe.

One thing all billionaires have in common is that they are only focused on acquiring more money. Just money.
That is the only focus. You might think we are like this. But are we? Most of us would like our mortgages paid off, go on expensive holidays but are not solely focused on accruing money for the sake of it. We are interested in work and the outcome of what we do? Are billionaires?

Apparently billionaires are boring people and look and act the same all over the world. They surround themselves with other billionaires for protection. They belong to the same clubs eat at the same restaurants. What do you do when you can buy everything? You look for perfection. Perfection is about not seeing what is right but what is wrong! Billionaires are complaining all over the world in expensive hotels to maitre d’s about that detail that is not right and does not come up to scratch.

Or the billionaire’s wife worried about her husband not sleeping. How had he weathered the recession? His worry was that he could not afford the upkeep of his Gulf Stream jet. Or the helicopter which allowed him to visit his house in the Hamptons without sitting in traffic.

Everything is relative and has a context particularly around money and love. Friends claim poverty living in big houses sending children to fee paying schools. Its all relative. It is a good reminder that when you are spoken to think: Who is the speaker? What is their motivation to say what they have said? What experience do they have?
We all speak form our own position and life experience. This makes it hard for us to listen and understand the joy and pain of others.

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