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Have you ever felt low or depressed?

Perhaps you have suffered from a bereavement, or relationship break up. Perhaps you have suffered from feeling low for a long time for no particular reason. Depression can be a habit that we cling onto for comfort. It is familiar. For others it is a debilitating condition with no escape. The winter suits depression. The thought of staying in bed or curling up on the sofa to watch the TV is allowable if the weather outside is cold and wet. The mood of depression and the weather are in sync supporting each other.
Sunny Low Mood.

The problem is when the spring comes. The weather becomes warmer and the sunshine seems brighter after the long winter months. Then the suicide rate rises.

One of the reasons is that the mood of depression no longer is in synch with weather. The mood appears darker in contrast to the light of the beginning of spring. This can be too much for the depressed person to bear. The depression might not actually be worse but in contrast to the weather appears so. Light and Dark. Black and White. Low and high. Loud and Quiet.

The concept of contrast cannot be underestimated in mood and the way we think about ourselves. When we are happy or light we use this is as a mood mark or measure with which we measure all our other moods. We compare our moods to the ideal of the happiness mark. Like a tide gauge we aspire to the highest measure. The problem is that most of us have a mark much lower than our ‘ideal’ happiness mark. This is a real problem. If our mood mark is a 5 out of 10, and we aspire to a 9.5 we are going to be constantly disappointed. It might serve us better to be more realistic and to become more familiar with our lower mood mark rather than feeling we are eternally failing to attain happiness.
Great for the market though. We are consistently bombarded by messages telling us to buy stuff to attain a happier mood! Topic for another blog!

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