39. Sub Incision Equality

Sub incision equality?
Body modification is the latest trend of people changing their bodies to satisfy their own desires.
It can range from a nip and tuck to changing gender. Modern primitives or urban primitives as they are called Sub Incision Equality?indulge in body modifications in homage to rites of passage in primitive cultures. Body piercing, tattooing, and cutting to name a few. With the disappearance of rituals in modern life, people are making their own.

A personalisation of rituals which used to be practised by institutions, is now brought into the personal.. By marking the body at particular times of life, shows transitions into different stages of life. One of the things that men are doing is to have their penis split, called penis sub incision. The penis functions the same but apparently is twice as good sexually, and more beautiful to look at. Pics for the brave here.

Penis sub incision was first seen in the Australian Aboriginal tribes. It is a rite of passage from boy to man. The boy is taken away from his mother, to sub incised surrounded by a group of chanting male adults. The impact of the sub incision is that the man now had to urinate in the crouched position like a woman. Also reproduction is more complex as the semen can escape. By compressing the opening semen has more chance to pass into the vagina.

There are a few interpretations of this ritual. The letting of blood resembles menstruation. The letting of blood is a ritual often performed to strengthen relationships between males in the tribe. The penis is wider so more satisfying. The genital shape looks similar to a kangaroo which is notorious for its prolonged copulation.
The favourite is that it in homage to women and womanhood. The fecundity of women is so revered that the male has to alter his body to copy it. Is this sub incision equality?

To live in a world where men ritually bow to the power of women. Imagine.
Like the song said “I wonder if you can”

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