35. Stupid Electorate

Politicians say that the public and electorate are not stupid. They like to tell the stupid electorate this –
as there is a big argument to show that the stupid electorate is stupid. It is to politicians’ advantage that the electorate is stupid or at least misinformed.

The misinformation in politics is to obscure the truth and agenda of decision makers. Sometimes this is necessary. Government cannot be justifying itself with every decision it makes, particularly if decided on sensitive information. But most of the time it is to distract us from the motivations of what is being decided.

With a nation of shop keepers it is easy to sell the idea that we should concentrate more on the size of our bank balance rather than the quality, or more social aspects of how we live in the UK.

Debate is kept within opposing lines so that the nuances and subtleties of what could be informing decision making ideas cannot be heard. Brexit is a good example where voters decided not on Brexit but as a protest vote against immigration, loss of identity, and the global market.

Whether Brexit will be a loss or gain will be so complicated to measure that opinion will be divided not on the facts but on ideology and values. The Left want to stay in the EU to protect workers rights and maintain a liberal elite. The right wants a more unfettered economy to maximise profit, and keep the British Bulldog alive.

To be informed and motivated in this political takes enthusiasm. commitment and energy. It’s difficult.
But if you don’t…..??

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