6. States of Confusion

States of Confusion
Will Self
 argues that to fully engage with the weird mystery of being is preferable to moaning about your feelings.   States of ConfusionWhy are you here? Anything versus nothing? What is true? To take to the helm of your own ship, even though you are on automatic pilot of your own perceptions, is to directly try to understand your confusion.

The argument is that the unease of being is falsely satisfied by looking back into your childhood, and family relationships to understand what brought you here. The unconscious mind is a dump where all those traumas go, that cannot be dealt with in consciousness. The fascination of psychoanalysis to examine the unconscious is to miss the mystery and unease of the conscious self. Psychoanalysis is therapeutic but doesn’t really address the problem of why you are here? States of Confusion.

This person hood we live through cannot operate without perception. Existence in its very nature is about perception less about reality. The fact that the self maybe a fiction is far more disturbing than any trauma we might have suffered. The world of time and money obsessed with sex and status is a drug to avoid the conscious self. We are obsessed with death, yet life is fearful and confusing but most of us still don’t want it to end. Yet living is hard and frightening To be human is to want it to end, or to feel in low periods of our lives that suicide is an option. The future is unknowable and out of our control. Yet we do our best to control anything.

Perhaps no human act can be excluded from an act of avoiding the self. The futility and preposterous nature of the self and the life it is offered is wonderful and hateful. To be consumed by futility entices us to consume.
Why are we here? Being sceptical about the question you might ask what is the message of the question? A lack of acceptance that you are here? The task of being here is not possible. I want help to be.

To sit with the answer that there is no answer to the question of why we are here is what humanity avoids. It is meant to be futile and without meaning. The blank canvas, the block of stone, the chunk of metal. It is meaningless. Even when touched by the human hand. Even when something is created it is still meaningless. To live with futility and meaningless is the meaning of life.
The more technological and sophisticated we become the less futility and meaningless can be entertained.
States of Confusion.

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