24. Smart Mug

So the Chancellor drinks out of an expensive smart mug.
A once in a life time chancellor who has given out more money to the UK population rather than trying to get it back off the UK population. Married to the daughter of a billionaire, he had a private education at Winchester, Oxford University and Stanford University.

The photo shows the mug standing proud on his desk. Hidden in plain sight. If he had his time again would he have removed it? A sense of irony sitting at his desk posing for a photo showing him working on a budget?

We all live in budget bubbles. Our friends & family have similar salaries? Similar monetary values? Financial expectations? Some given more opportunities in the family than others. We get accustomed to a certain standard of living. It becomes every day to us. Do we notice people who earn less the same as we notice people who earn more? Do you know a smart mug? 

Some might say that all politicians should own/are a smart mug.

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