31. Silver Snoopy Award

The Silver Snoopy Award was given to NASA staff and external support staff by the astronauts as an acknowledgement of their support for the space programme. It is a special honour.

In the 1960s Peanuts creator Charles Schultz started to draw the character Snoopy on the moon. Snoopy became a symbol in America for its obsession with space flight. 

The Silver Snoopy was first awarded in 1968 to the crew who tested the first lunar module. One special receiver of the award was Omega’s technical manager Hans Widmer. Omega became the official watchmaker for NASA in 1962. 

The Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Watch came into its own on the Apollo 13 mission. An explosion in an oxygen tank crippled the module. They had to return to earth safely: the exact length of time for an engine burn giving the correct trajectory to enter the earth’s atmosphere was crucial. The watch chronograph measured the time exactly.
They returned to safety.

Snoopy versions of the Omega Speedmaster were created to celebrate the relationship. The third Snoopy Omega Watch was released this week. 


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