38. Silo Parenting

Silo Parenting captures the idea that nuclear families take all the stress of parenting without any kind of help and support. The product of Weird  (Western Economic Industrial Rich Democratic) Countries where families move around for work breaking the bonds of family and community.

In this example of Zambian Mothers – parents encourage the baby to be carried around by other people or helpers. This allows the baby to socialise and be comfortable with other people with easy transition.

This is unusual in industrial economies. Weird Countries encourage their populations to own things for sole use. This encourages families unintentionally, to have children to themselves. Families deserve the sole attention of their creation. It is their concept. They want the control.

Perhaps it is also the narcissism of the industrial world. We are at the centre of our individualistic lives. Parents want children to be re-incarnations of themselves. So control over care means control and influence over how children grow up and what sort of adults they are going to be.
Hopefully to be like the parents?

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