25. Shrewsbury Shrowesbury

How do you pronounce the principal town of Shropshire – Shrewsbury or Shrowesbury?     Shrewsbury
In the latest poll 81% of people asked – said it was pronounced Shrewsbury like in “shrew”.
But then there is no real correct answer.

Shrewsbury nestles on the welsh border: the town’s castle closing off the natural loop of
the river severn. This made the town difficult to capture using the river severn as a natural defence.

Until recent times the town was not well heard of. Before the digital age, and wealth moving in from Birmingham and Manchester it was a one horse town. Even now walking up the high street in the early evening it is empty like a ghost town.

Like parts of middle England at the right time of day it is caught in olde england of the horse and cart, and Kings and Queens. Have a drink in the Loggerheads pub in the centre of town next to the Prince Rupert Hotel, and you are taken back into a time of cobbled streets, black and white houses, and clock chimes from church spires.

Drink a pint of Bass formerly the traditional real ale of the town in the Cross Foxes or in the Crown in Abbey Forgate. Visit the ancient Abbey in Abbey Forgate while you are there.

Take a walk in The Bog or wander across the Long Mynd at Church Stretton. Eat in Ludlow home to a Michelin starred restaurant.
Please don’t advertise the beauty and splendour of Shrewsbury & Shropshire – lets keep it for ourselves!

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