18. Sex Stream

Sex is big business in the Philippines. The US influence means the population speaks good English and are able to communicate with punters. Families are abusing their children on line streaming over the internet. The childrensex stream get to hear about it from their friends on the street as it is a profitable business run by families not organisations. Sex stream.

The problem is that nobody thinks it is an issue. Parents or children. In fact children are very angry with the organisations that separate them from their prosecuted parents. Even then it is difficult for the children to understand that there is anything wrong going on.

Prosecuting people who use these sites is also very difficult. There are no trackable images, conversations are live and encrypted, and payments made anonymously.

The theory that whatever we as children experienced we see as normal. Even when we are told that it is not. We are loyal to our parents partly out of love but mainly as a primitive animal who wants to survive. Our parents feed and clothe us. We need them. It is in our make up.

As for sexual abuse. Viewers of sex stream were identified coming from over 70 countries. It seems there is a big need for sex and children. Is this because sex with adults is so distorted in the 21st Century? Commercialised, sexualised, and at the same time taboo? Is it in our nature to be incestuous to be part of a group or tribe? To be close and warm huddled up together on the ice in the cold?
Perhaps the mixture of us being animals, and adapting to modernity is perverse and ultimately we are unable to adapt to it.

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