32. Sex, Race and Religion

Sex, Race and Religion
The sexual exploitation of teenagers in Yorkshire was reported in such a way that the link to race wasn’t made. It appeared that the taboo was not about young women being exploited but that race could not be linked to the crimes even though the group was consistently described as Pakistani men.

It was only today that Lord Ahmed said that mosque leaders ought to talk sexual exploitation. His comments imply a link between the sexual exploitation case, race and religion. Why is it so difficult to talk about race and religion. It is significant that a Muslim politician made the link. Could a non- Muslim have made any comment?

The events in New York in September 2001 made the western world sit up and take notice of Muslims, and Islam across the world feeling oppressed and rejected by the secular world. There is a perception that has been exaggerated through the extremes on both sides that Christianity and Islam are in conflict. Perhaps this is what is making it dangerous to make comments. Which non- Muslim would want to make a link between sex, race and religion?

The making of a video denigrating the prophet starts street protests and violence across the Muslim world. The secular world reacts by talking about free speech, and that one of western democracy beliefs is that its people can be critical of anything.

Does the Western world have any shared figurehead that it believes in, that could be so effectively attacked? The West finds violence and murder abhorrent, and a lack of freedom of a people to elect a government they choose. But no figure head. Nobody cares about Jesus enough to go onto the streets.

Yet there is one thing that the West really cares about: Money. If you want to get at the West: get to the money. Stability is paramount not for the general population itself but so that the general population can keep buying stuff. Bail out the Banks, keep printing money, There are two sides: the ones perceived to be making the money, and the others who make the money for them. If there was one day of protest a year where money stopped working for a day – this would be the West’s prophet video.

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