35. Sean Connery

Sean Connery actor, producer, Scottish man.
And so he was. Not only Scottish but from working class poor   beginnings. This was a turn in the acting profession. Young men from working class backgrounds, uneducated in the world of theatre making it into film. At the time revolutionary. 

Bond defined him. Brutish, sexist, patriarchal it was a sign of the times. The Bond franchise was always more than film. It was like Marks and Spencer. English, of Empire, or Royalty. Conservative, not taking risks in a risky balck and white world when Britain was Great?! Bond was like a Bank slow to change and followed trends rather than making trends. 

Connery looked for respite from fame and fortune in another Scotsman R.D.Laing. A famous psychiatrist and author of the Divided Self. Laing offered Connery LSD which he disliked, & sparred with him opening up a rage Connery had with his mother in his harsh childhood. 

But he was much more. As his films outside the Bond franchise showed us. A brand unto himself with his uniquely slurred Scottish accent.
Sean Connery 1930-2020

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