30. Scotland No Yes

Scotland No Yes
As we all know 55% of Scots voted to stay in the union of the United Kingdom.

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Here in the UK we are of an un-dynamic nature, not liking radical change, conservative with a small c. This is the strength of the union: it is stable. The currency likes it, the markets rise. Investors like it so the money keeps on going around.

What was noticeable was that neither side no or yes could predict what were the pros and cons of being independent, or staying with the union. There are too many variables. There are the obvious variables like the Westminster Parliament, Scottish MPs, Trident, Supermarkets, Big Business, Border controls, & Currency.

The less obvious variables are how are people going to feel once the situation settles down? How is Westminster going react? Is it going to keep its promises? This is all held in the biggest variable of all: time. We do not know how we are going to be tomorrow, next year, next decade.

So we make choices about how we feel and what we want in a particular time, even in a moment. A lot of people were undecided until they actually found themselves alone in the ballot booth, with paper and pen.

What we think we might think changes over time. Next year the same problem might not be seen in the same way or might not even exist. Our brains are constantly trying to process information. If we are clever and pause away from the 21st Century dictates of occupied time, status and money, our psychology will take care of everything.
A pause to reflect can change our attitude even to ourselves.

Scotland No Yes

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Scotland No Yes  Scotland No Yes

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