36. Russia Bad Boy

Russia Bad Boy
The BBC reports that the Russians are increasing their covert military exercises in Europe. Is this is in response to the sanctions imposed on Russia for its aggressive tactics in Ukraine? So in retaliation Russia plays the bad boy. Provoking and sniping at the heels of law and order, Russia acts out is own naughty id based inclinations of doing what Russia pleases and not considering the consequences.
Is it significant that I use the masculine gender ‘boy’ or that the European Union is seen as doing exactly what it likes? Many see the EU as a self serving gravy train. This kind of behaviour of aggression and potential violence is more associated with boys and men. It happens in the classroom and workplace.
Never met the student or employee who is always playing up or not towing the company line? But the message is different. Russia has always been the bad boy, its brooding mass looming over the more genteel manners of Europe. It is not long since the end of the Cold War where it was clear that Russia was playing the Russia Bad Boy role.

With its free market revolution can we assume it has joined the group of Western democracies? Not really! It wants to exist apart so as a short cut has to hang onto its bad boy role. To be different and apart  Russia plays the bad boy role as a repeat of what it has always done.How does it express its obvious difference and history in a more calm and considered manner? At the moment it cannot. As it is for us all. To create energy to be different or individualise  there must be a threat of being unnoticed, forced to change, or even eradicated. We are not acceptable as ourselves. This makes anyone insecure and unable to grow from a more secure base.

The democratisation of the world American style needs to be resisted by Russia. Its identity has always been in opposition to the US. So it is carrying on this role. It will take a slow down of the threat of the americanisation of the world and more security in its self and who it is to be different in a more calm and measured way.
Russia Bad Boy

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Russia Bad Boy

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