21. Rude Sense

Charles Bowden or Chuck lived life hard in a rude sense. His books related the growth of drug wars on the US Mexican border.  Rude Sense He sucked in life, drinking, smoking and womanising to the harsh desert backdrop of Tuscon Arizona. He took risks with his life and his writing to get a story. He didn’t care about his own life citing he was going to die anyway.

He had an obsession with cheap red wine, reading and writing to reach the truth. He was a frontier man. Rugged, macho, unaffected by the harsh desert elements. But what really stands about him was his rude sense to a life which we are disconnected from. “Chuck’s sensory awareness offered a kind of refuge, a last-ditch hope of an honest connection to a real, living world”
Living in intense heat he hated air conditioning. He wanted to feel and be in the place he lived with a natural bond.

He recommended going into the desert on foot for natural senses to return. Instead of blocking out noises hearing begins to pick up sounds of nature. Hearing as listening to a seashell – you can begin to hear your own blood circulating. Modern digital life demands tunnel vision for digital screens, phones & driving. In the desert peripheral vision returns. Our natural hunting senses evolved over thousands of years begin to re-emerge. Nature begins to show itself as the sight begins to adapt back to the natural environment.

Chuck lived a life of pure sensory perception. To do this you have to deny yourself the information age, and politeness to cut through all the BS to make a connection, to discover truth.
He must have suffered for his art, and relationship to the world. But Chuck must be admired for his ruthless driven rude sense to relate to a harsh world with less hesitancy and fear.
Rude Sense.

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