16. Right Place Wrong time

We all have times mainly in hindsight that our lives changed direction on a whim, chance, luck, right or wrong decision. Regret, relief or a recognition that we were very lucky that these things happened to us, and why we are here now.

Accidents, death, trauma are also turning points in our lives. We all have them. What separates us is the way we deal and work through these points in our lives. Whether the wounds become infected and constant care to be avoided. Or be allowed to scar leaving the signs on us of a lived life.

Or rarely that a seemingly personal mundane decision goes onto to have international ramifications. Such a man is Christopher Martin. Not the musician but the man who worked as a cashier and was given a $20 counterfeit note by George Floyd.

This set off a chain of events that Mr Martin could not have predicted. Ordinary people doing ordinary things, setting off extraordinary events.
Then the emotions grown out of the extraordinary event overwhelming the person. A test of mental strength and resilience. Infected wound or scar?

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