33. Race Abuse

This radio interview (1:33.50) between Yasmin Qureshi Labour MP and Marilyn Hawes Founder of Enough Abuse
is about the recent case of groups of Pakistani men abusing young White women.

The MP condemned abuse across the country, and of people travelling abroad to buy sex. Repeatedly asked about Pakistani men, the MP did not allow the focus to solely rest on the Pakistani aspect of abuse. Her viewpoint was to move it away from the racial aspect, and broaden it out to everyone and everywhere. There is a truth in this.

The Founder accused the MP as a politician of not focusing on Pakistani men, and not addressing the issue. She said it wasn’t about Muslims, but a deep Ethnic stated belief and a wrong belief: that women are there to be exploited. When asked what could be done about it, she talked about changing attitudes and teaching in mosques. The MP interjected that this was wrong. The Founder then talked about culture citing the issue of Female Genital Mutilation being practised by African cultures. Race Abuse? Or Race Abuse?

Again Context is everything. The MP is a Pakistani Born British woman, the Founder is a white British woman and the interviewer a white British man.

70 years ago this week at midnight on 14/15 August 1947, India was partitioned and millions of Indian people were displaced with the creation of the Pakistani state. The Mountbatten Plan laid down the boundaries of the countries: a white British man. Making a ridiculous link? People don’t forget. Why should they? Would the UK have forgotten its borders being redrawn by an Indian Man?

Following on – the Pakistani Born MP is already back footed and defensive. Two British white people symbolising power and repression are attacking her culture. One by asking difficult questions about the racial element of this abuse from her own culture. The other white woman saying her culture has to be re-educated like our own British culture.

The context is played out without the issues being addressed. The arguments comes across circular and inauthentic. The reason is the context is played out reducing the arguments to nothing.
The context is not talked about. The blunt brevity of the media allows for no such thinking.
So the argument in this present political system remain unaddressed.

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